Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners – Men and Women

Finding the right frisbee golf disc for beginning players can be a bit overwhelming. With several brands and a myriad of options to choose from, what is the best frisbee golf disc to start with? Luckily, the internet is full of disc golfers that are willing to give advice and/or share their story on what discs they used when they first started playing the game.

In today’s article I would like to recommend the Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners (Men & Women). These recommendations are based solely on my experiences over the last three years of “discin'” and a small amount of internet research. My Wife Lori and I play about 1-3 times a week at several courses in central Illinois and have thrown quite a few different discs. For several folks, the discs they use as beginners will continue to be their go-to-option when on the course.

Before we get started, I must confess that we are partial to Innova discs and have not tried other brands. When selecting an Innova disc we recommend that you start with the most common plastic disc, the DX Line. These are easily identified because they usually have an image of a character or animal on them (like the ones you will see below). The Innova DX line are affordably priced, provide an excellent grip and, in my opinion, are easier to control. It should also be stated that both of us are right handed and throw “backhand”.

Best Disc Golf Driver for a Beginner – Men

Innova Valkyrie Best Disc Golf Driver for a Beginner - Men

I started playing frisbee golf about 3 years ago at the age of 39. I am 5’7, average build and about 155lbs. My favorite disc, and the one that I have the most accuracy with is my DX Line Innova Valkyrie. I have tried several different Innova discs for short to medium range drives and shots, but always come back to the Valkyrie. My disc, as recommended, is well broken-in and has a fluid flight pattern that is fun to watch. The Valkyrie has a comfortable, solid grip and is my disc of choice on any adventure. It should be noted that I am a casual player and my lack of arm strength and disciplined driving technique does prevent me from unlocking the full capabilities of the disc’s distance. I believe I am currently using a 170-172 weight disc, but cannot recall for sure.

Online information states that the Valkyrie is the best choice for a disc golfer’s first distance driver and works well with tailwind drives. This disc works best for long turnover drives, has great glide and, at one time, held the world distance record.

Best Disc Golf Driver for a Beginner – Women

My wife has tried a few different discs, but has settled on the Innova DX Leopard Golf DiscInnova Valkyrie Best Disc Golf Driver for a Beginner - Men as her main driver and throwing disc. In fact, she throws the Leopard for most short distance shots too, simply because this disc gives her spot-on accuracy. For my wife, I did a ton of internet research and found that the Leopard was a popular choice for beginning disc golfers (men & women). Lori’s drive has a beautiful flight pattern and she rarely finds herself anywhere but straight down the middle of the fairway. In fact, her drives have influenced a few other women that we play with to adopt the Leopard as their main driver. Like me, she does not have the strength to unlock the full potential of the distance, but again, we are casual (and older) players. I believe she is using a 165-169 gram Leopard, but cannot recall for sure. It was part of a 3 Disc Innova DX Disc Golf Set I bought for her online.
Online information states that the Leopard is an excellent choice for a beginner’s first driver. This disc has exceptional glide and is easy to throw straight and far.

My final piece of advice is to find a disc and throw it. A lot. It seems that discs will take a while to “break-in”, so giving up on your disc too early in your training may rob you of a valuable tool in your disc bag.

I hope you have found this information useful. What was your first frisbee golf disc? What is the driver that works best for you? Would you like to see more articles and reviews for beginners/amateurs like this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners – Men and Women

  1. Jay says:

    My very first disc was a Cobra, but I bought that as a mistake. This was before I knew what disc golf was, and I just wanted a “frisbee” with a cool design on it.

    When a friend introduced me to disc golf about 4 months ago, my first purchase was a Firebird… because I just wanted a disc with a cool design on it (there’s a trend here). Tricky disc to start with, but learning to manipulate it helped me work on everything from proper arm speed to release angle.

    Now, my go-to distance driver, like yours, is the Valkyrie. I love the Leopard too, but I lost mine the first week I had it. I just ordered a Wraith, and I’m excited to see how a faster disc works out for me!

    Good article — I got here from reddit!

    • wallyd2 says:

      Hi Jay! Thank you for leaving a comment. Ironically, I selected the Valkyrie for the same reason. It had a cool image on the disc. Little did I know that it was also a perfect fit for my adventure into discin’. I think that is why I have always been partial to Innova, Images help give a disc “character”; I like it.

      You know, if you still have the Cobra, I hear it makes a great mid-range. 🙂 Let us know how the Wraith works for you.

      Thanx again!

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