The Best Sweet Hot Mustard for Brats and Burgers

Hey all. Before I we my review and recommendation for the Best Sweet Hot Mustard, let’s begin with a quick history lesson on my taste buds. I have never, ever, liked Yellow Mustard. This may date way back to six year old me that asked for a mustard and cheese sandwich at lunchtime. I don’t know why the American Cheese single plus the yellow condiment sounded good at the time, I had never tried mustard before, but I can assure you that I will never forget the stench of dislike after the first bite. To worsen this childhood memory, I was forced to eat the entire sandwich. That’s the way it was back then. You ask for it. You eat it. All of it. Like it or not.

best sweet hot mustard

Thirty-five years later my taste buds have changed dramatically. With one exception. Yellow Mustard. To this day, the stench of mustard will send my face into a full crinkle expression of yuck. However, the reason I tell you my backstory is to introduce something that I never would have dreamed about liking, Sweet Hot Mustard. A buddy of mine brought a bottle of Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard
to a cookout we were having and it was my curiosity combined with his promise that this does not taste like regular mustard that got me to try it.

Of course I smelled it first and as a fan of anything spicy I was intrigued. The aroma encouraged me to plaster a stripe of the sweet hot mustard down the left side of my bratwurst, dive-in teeth first and then raise my eyebrows in surprise. Holy goodness was this delicious and I was hooked. My buddy let me have the bottle and the deliciousness found it’s way onto turkey sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers for weeks to come. Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard tasted nothing like yellow mustard, and my taste buds continue to thank me for trying the sauce with a tangy zing. This hot sweet mustard has the zip of spices that is not overbearing and can be tolerated by even the most timid of heat seekers. There is a tangible sweetness derived from the honey ingredient that is not overwhelming but a perfect compliment to accompany the flavor on your taste buds. You owe it to yourself to put this bottle on the table for lunchtime or dinner to take your meal to the next level.

Unfortunately, the day came when I ran out and was troubled to find out that none of the local grocery stores in central Illinois carried Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard. My search for the zingy mustard led me to where I found it for sale. Sure, to buy it online you have to buy a package of six bottles, but it’s worth it. Heck, they make a great item to give to friends or introduce to others at cookouts and gatherings. If you tried Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard, I encourage you to take a bottle the next time you are invited to a brat or burger event and introduce others to this gourmet awesomeness.

Tasty Sweet Hot Mustard

Before I go, I would like to introduce one more Sweet Hot Mustard that I did find at my local grocery store and was extremely close to the spice and zing I was looking for, Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard. I grabbed this in a pinch and my taste buds expressed the same gratitude as when I originally tried the Beaver Brand months ago. My curiosity had me flipping the bottle to the backside to see that Inglehoffer was made by the same company, Beaverton Foods. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised.

Beaverton Foods has been family owned and operated since 1929 and is based out of Beaverton Oregon. Their Sweet Hot Mustards feature rich, gourmet flavor seasoned with honey and tangy spices. This award-winning product is a must have in your arsenal of summertime condiments!

Hopefully you found my review of Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard helpful. Have you tried this before? What did you think? What do you put on your burgers, brats and dogs? Please let me know in the comments below!

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