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Use HTML/JavaScript Widget with AdSense Account Code

Google Adsense LogoOne of the things I have grown accustomed to during my daily viewing of my Google AdSense account is to view how my custom channels are doing. Now I won’t go into too much detail on what a custom channel is, but basically a custom channel allows you to track your google ad unit performance as a specific group. For more information on Custom Channels click here:
Google Adsense Custom Channel OVerview

I am still a bit of a newbie when it comes to my Google Blogger account. Even though I created my blogger site over a year ago only recently have I started to tinker around with the design and features. As with all of my websites, I like to include my Google AdSense ads, if for nothing else but to provide additional links and sites of interest for my readers.

My initial set up of my AdSense ads in my blog used the AdSense widget. This was extremely simple to set up and all I had to do was provide my Adsense ID number. After a couple of weeks, however, I realized that I was unable to view the success of my ads along with my other websites by pulling up my AdSense account. Sad Face.

Deciding to fix this situation, I removed the AdSense widgets from my Blogger layout and created fresh ads in my AdSense account and assigned them to the Custom Channel I created. I then copied the JavaScript Ad Code and went back to my blog. From here, I created an HTML/JavaScript Widget and inserted my AdSense code. Easy! Well, maybe not.

I noticed that my AdSense account could sense some of the impressions that my blog was getting, but after 24 hours my google adsense ads were not showing up. I scoured the internet trying to find a solution but really was not having any luck to my specific situation. Finally, I stumbled accross the setting that fixed this, hence the reason for my blog on this subject.

Show Ads on Blog Google Adsense
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The image to the right and steps below were taken in the new 2012 blogger dashboard. I navigated to the Design portion of my Blogger Dashboard, and clicked Earnings (See Image). The Show ads on blog radio button must be set to No. This will disable all AdSense widgets and remove ads between posts (if you had these set to do so), but will allow your HTML/JavaScript widgets and your AdSense Ads to work.

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