Reddit Discount Military Gear – Subreddit for Bargains and Closeouts

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Are you a fan of SAVING Money? Like to find a great deal on clothing and items? Do you like to find unique items and order online? Great! Let me introduce you to my new subreddit, Discount Military Gear. – Military Uniform Supply is always buying closeouts and bargains … Continue reading

Tru-Spec Multicam Uniform – Multicam Tropic – Multicam Arid

Let’s talk Tru-Spec® Multicam™ folks! In particular, we are going to take a look at Tru-Spec’s Tactical Response Uniform®, their four different colors of Multicam™ camo patterns available and where you can buy Multicam™ products. On their website Tru-Spec identifies the Tactical Response Uniform® as an “Intelligent Evolution of the … Continue reading

New Mil-Spec Monkey Patches – EMS / EMT Patch

Old School Patch continues to add new Mil-Spec Monkey morale patches as soon as they become available. Morale patches are “fun” patches that military, tactical or civilians purchase and apply to their apparel or gear. These are unofficial patches but designed to increase the morale of the soldier or individual, hence the … Continue reading

Kids MultiCam™ Uniform – Kids Multicam™ Clothing

Kids Multicam Uniform Package Deal

The Kids Multicam™ Uniform by Trooper Clothing is a great gift idea for a Kids Military Halloween Costume, Birthday, Christmas or for everyday play and wear! Kids love dressing up as their military heroes. Kids military clothing is a great way to honor family and friends. Military Camo is also … Continue reading

AR 670-1 Compliant Desert Boots by Belleville

Belleville Desert Boot AR 670-1 Compliant

Military Uniform Supply – is now carrying the new Desert Tan Lightweight Boots from Belleville. The newest desert boots from Belleville provide soldiers, public service or everyday civilians with comfort, durability, and foot protection in hot weather, desert, or mild climate environments. Without further ado, let me introduct you … Continue reading

Military Clothing Black Friday Coupon Code – 20% OFF

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Hey there readers and shoppers! – Military Uniform Supply has released its Black Friday Coupon Code. You can start your shopping early by visiting and using COUPON CODE: SMBLF4. This coupon code is valid NOW through Saturday, November 29th, 2014 and will save you 20% on all online … Continue reading

Military Clothing Veteran’s Day Sale – 20% OFF All Orders

Today will be an extremely short blogpost mainly because we just do not have time to wait! November 11th, 2014 is Veteran’s Day and has a Coupon Code that is valid for one day only! Use Coupon Code: SMVET4 and save 20% Of course, I would like to … Continue reading

Kids Military Boots are a Great Gift Idea

Kids Military Boots

Kids love military uniforms and camouflage. What better way to fulfill a young imagination than with a high quality pair of Military Boots for Kids. Military Uniform Supply offers a decent selection of kids boots that will not only bring uniformity to a kids military costume, but also look great … Continue reading

European Military Surplus and Discount 15% Coupon Code

15% Off European Military Surplus has released another 15% Coupon Code that will apply a Discount on all orders! Simply use Coupon Code SMEUR4 on checkout and receive 15% OFF all orders! Military Clothing’s offer for savings is only valid NOW through Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at This weeks newsletter features European Military … Continue reading

75% OFF Vintage Olive Drab M-65 Field Jacket

Vintage M-65 Field Jacket Olive Drab

Nothing is more iconic in military cold weather gear than the M-65 Field Jacket. The M-65 Field Jacket has been issued to Army soldiers for almost 50 years and is still the most sought after and popular military coat to date. The M65 gets its name from the year it … Continue reading