Pathfinder D&D Character Background Human Wizard – Maxwell Folg’er

Maxwell Folg’er is a young human wizard that has just completed his third year of Conjuration School at Sodosopa Academy of Arcane Magic in the the city, Wockz. While the first three years of Sodosopa Academy of the Arcane is spent in the classroom, the final year of each student is spent in the field. Each student is given one year to develop their skills and increase their knowledge of arcane spells and items. At the end of the year, they return to participate in their final exam known as the Trials of the Mongolians.

There’s not much to say about his past. He has not experienced any extreme hardships or tragedies. Growing up for Max was easy. Studied hard, went to school, and followed in the footsteps of his family. You see, Maxwell comes from a long family history of wizards. He is a wizard, his parents are wizards, his grandfather (retired) is a wizard and, at one time, was the head wizard at the Sodosopa Academy. His two older siblings are wizards and his two younger siblings are attending the academy to become wizards. His aunt and uncle are wizards. If Max had a pet, it would probably be a wizard too. Harry Potter is a wizard, Merlin was a wizard, sure they have absolutely nothing to do with this story, but you get the point. Max was destined to be an arcane magic-user, per tradition of course. Maxwell is extremely proud of his family heritage and has worked diligently to get where he is today: one of the top students going into his senior year at Sodosopa academy.

Maxwell picked the Conjuration school due to his overwhelming desire to create. Summoning and creating objects and creatures through Magic is one of his focus points in his studies. He also took a very strong interest in both of his parent’s schools. His mother, with whom he is the closest, is an Illusionist and his father, a Divinist. Maxwell’s spell selection leans very favorably towards Conjuration, Illusion, and Diviniation due to his interests and the strong influence of his parents, however, he is also learning a few spells from his brothers and sisters. Maxwell has sacrificed his knowledge in Abjuration and Enchantment to focus on Conjuration.

Maxwell’s long term plan is to become a professor at the academy like his parents, per tradition, of course. He has also taken a keen interest in the political and governmental structure of the city of Wockz as well as the council and faculty factions of Sodosopa Academy. Max realizes that he has many years of hard work ahead of him to develop his knowledge and arcane abilities before being able to step into leadership positions.

Max spends most of his downtime studying books detailing arcane magic and soaking up all forms of knowledge. His hobby, however, is growing and harvesting coffee beans. Through the past three years of school, Max has been able to craft and perfect several different coffee brews and has opened a little coffee shop within Sodosopa Academy. He entitled his little coffee shop “Bucky’s” Star Coffee after his grandfather Starbuck Folg’er.

Max takes his home grown “Robusta” coffee beans from start to finish and has become quite well known for making great tasting coffee within Sodosopa School of the Arcane and within City Wockz. Yes sir, Maxwell makes a great blend, that is special to the folks that frequent “Bucky’s” Star Coffee Shop. Special, like a To’wal Island sunrise or a light rain in the middle of a dusty afternoon…

Primary goal for Max at this stage in his life is to complete his fourth year of School and prepare for the Trials of the Mongolians. Max feels that travel and exploration will lead him to new spells, wands, scrolls and help him acquire the knowledge he will need for his final test. Along the way, Max will always be on the lookout for rare coffee beans, brewing and roasting methods that he can bring back and add to his current selection of recipes. A specific roasting method, known as “French Roast”, has alluded him. He hopes to learn this method and has heard that this is a primary roast originating in Canadia. He also feels that somehow, someway, he will be able to add magical properties to his brews.


Max is a firm believer in tradition, structure, and organization. His days are ritualistic. He begins every morning the same way at the same time. Waking early, brewing a pot of coffee and finding a solitary place to study his morning spells. While there is a little flexibility in the rest of his eating schedule, he likes to follow up afternoon meals with 10 minutes of relaxation or a siesta and then continue on with a cup of brew in hand. Max tries to refrain from coffee for the rest of the evening. A wizard’s gotta sleep you know.

Max is drawn more towards individuals that follow closely to his core concepts of loyalty, honesty and tradition. Max will never lie in a situation, even if there are times that he should. His word is as solid as an Earth Elemental so he is careful not to make promises he cannot keep or actions he cannot fulfill. Being raised in a structured environment of governmental officials, ranking members of government, teachers and professors, Max abides by, and has the utmost respect for rank, government, and chain of command. He loves the inner workings of society and the governing process to keep order and harmony. If such structure and organization is not in place, Max will attempt to create and put things in order. The thought of chaos and disorder annoys him. If he is unable to sway things towards order or structure he will try to distance himself from these situations. While Max follows and admires strong leaders and professors, he is also eager to take on these roles himself if called upon or the situation presents itself.


GRANDPA STARBUCK: “Bucky”. A Conjurer. Since retired. Once was the Sodosopa head wizard. Still resides within the Academy. Helps watch over the coffee shop when Max is gone
MACCHIATO: Father is a professor in the school of Divination.
LATTE: Mother is a professor in the school of Illusion
DUNKIN: Oldest Brother and sibling is an Evoker. Graduated and adventuring. Checks in about every month or so. Last know travling with Kati
KATI: Older sister. Recent graduate from school of Tranmutation. Checks in about every month or so. Last known traveling with Dunkin.
GLORIA JEAN: Younger Sister. Starting her third year of school studying Necromancy. Appearance resembles that of a “goth” girl.
BRIM Folg’er: Younger Brother, youngest Sibling. Entering 1st year of School. Arcane school unknown. Arcane Magic comes easy for him… too easy.
FRAPPY: Female Gnome Friend of Max. Watches over the coffee shop with Grandpa when Max is away
VADA: Classmate and friend of Max. She is also a Conjurer entering her final year. Possible romantic interest
SCOTT: Classmate and adversary of Max. He is also a Conjurer entering his final year. Scott is a dick.

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