ERROR: UPS Worldship Failed to Export Data

SUBJECT: UPS Worldship Failed to Export Data
SOLUTION: Resend Data

Today’s error at work occured when connection to our server, in this blog we will call that server M:, went down during the time we were trying to export our End of Day UPS.

Here are the steps we took to RESEND DATA to UPS:

  1. Import/Export
  2. Batch Export
  3. Select Map Name that corresponds to the Map ODBC DSN Export File
  4. Select Date Range
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Review that the data will be exporting to the correct file, the date range is correct and that the number of records to be exported is correct.
  7. Click NEXT.

I chose to SAVE my Files rather than DISCARD.

Hope this helps put you back on track uploading your UPS Shipping Data!

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