Gift Ideas for Fantasy Football Fans

Do you have family & friends on your Christmas shopping list that love fantasy football? Do you need an idea for a great gift exchange idea, stocking-stuffer and/or Fantasy Football Christmas presents for under $35? Well my friends, I have composed a short list of gift ideas that would delight all levels of the fantasy football fan. Best yet, Fantasy Football Gift ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is an easy way to shop for the fantasy football fan on your gift list! These fantasy football gift ideas are perfect for Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays and all occasions!

Fantasy Football T-Shirt

Fantasy Football T-Shirts Gift Ideas

A Fantasy Football T-Shirt should be your number one consideration for the fantasy football fan on your shopping list. Most fantasy football shirts range from $20 – $30 allowing you to spend a comfortable amount on a gift that they can wear year round.

There are several shirts out there, but I will recommend Wally D. Fantasy Football T-Shirts as the first stop in your online shopping. The football shirts found on this website include colorful, unique designs made by Fantasy Football Guys for Fantasy Football Guys (and Gals). Aside from their own webpage, Wally D. Fantasy Football T-Shirts are also sold on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Fantasy Football Book

A fantasy football book can be a great gift idea when combining a fantasy fanatic with an individual that loves to read. For this, I highly recommend Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry. It doesn’t get any more legit than fantasy advice from Matthew Berry. This book extends its title to include Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who’s Lived It. This book is a #1 Best Seller Fantasy Football Book on and a collection of the most hilarious, unbelievable and touching fantasy football stories.

On the flipside of the Fantasy Football Pro/Beginner level there is this option: Fantasy Football For Dummies. Fantasy Football for Dummies is a great gift idea not only for rookie fantasy football athletes but for the seasoned veteran that has been playing since the days of John Elway and Emmitt Smith. This comprehensive, friendly guide to the sport of fantasy football is written by Martin Signore and helps understand the basics of the game as well as planning a good strategy. The book delves further into the addictive hobby by offering advice on how to draft, develop your management skills and how to make adjustments to your team throughout the fantasy season. Fantasy Football for Dummies is a great gift idea for the rookie fantasy player or as a joke / gag-gift for that guy that can never win at fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Coffee Mug

If you are not accustomed to the Sunday Morning rituals of a Fantasy Football Addict, then let me clue you in. Roster line-ups and decisions are best made on Sunday morning in front of the PC with a hot cup of joe by our side. Easy enough. Coffee fuels the Fantasy Football Athlete into making the correct decisions on who to start and who to sit. Get the Fantasy Football Addict on your list a fantasy football mug for about $10 – $20.

NFL Fathead

It is not uncommon for a fantasy football addict to develop a healthy man crush on his/her favorite fantasy football athlete. This happens and is quite natural in the world of fantasy football.

It is easy to spot this affectionate relationship the fantasy football player has for his/her NFL hero as every conversation usually diverts to their fantasy team and how that player is so great. Further evidence of fantasy affection is when he/she is on a first name basis with his star player referring to him as “Peyton” or “Tom” or nickname like “LT” and “Megatron”. Whatever the case may be, help them celebrate their man crush with an NFL Fathead of their star fantasy player. It’s okay. They will love it!

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