Men’s Hunting Socks – Men’s Fishing Socks – Military Uniform Supply has imported a one of a kind, high quality line of men’s socks from the Baltic country of Lithuania. Now available in the United States, hunters and fishermen can enjoy their respective sports while enjoying a high level of comfort and cushion in the ol’ foot department. The Sparta JSC brand of socks range from lightweight to heavyweight with most styles available in crew or knee high. Colors of the socks vary from style to style, but most are found in either black or green.

Guys will want to pick up a pair or two of the Sparta JSC Men’s Hunting Socks and Fishing Socks for their next outdoor adventure! Men’s Outdoor socks also constitute a great gift idea! Dads, husbands, boyfriends, and grandfathers will enjoy a pair or two of this soft footwear for Father’s Day, Birthdays, or in their Christmas Stocking.

Sparta Fishing Socks and Hunting Socks

I thought I would share the description found on one of the Fishing/Hunting Sock packages:

In Lithuanian:
Patogios ir siltos kojines skirtos deveti saltu oru. Anatomines konstrukcijos deka idealiai prisitaiko prie kojos. Pliusinis padas sumazina pedai tenkancia apkrova ir padeda isvengti nuovargio. Sudetyje esantis poliamidas suteika atsparumo devejimuisi ir uztikrina kojiniu ilgaamziskuma.

English Translation:
Comfortable and warm socks designed to be worn in cold weather . Anatomical structure of Deca perfectly adapts to the leg . Plush pad reduces the load on Pedasi and avoiding fatigue . Containing polyamides wear resistance and ensures the longevity of the foot.

Sparta JSC of Lithuania has a company history that dates back to 1918. Their socks are combined with scientific innovation and years of experience make them well known for their high level of quality and excellent reputation. Lithuania is a Baltic state, a member of NATO and an ally to the United States of America.

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