PPP Daily Shipping Window Not Showing

SOFTWARE: Postal Package Partner Standard Version DAILY SHIPPING WINDOW is not visibleFIX: Easy Today, one of our 3 shipping computers experienced a unique error in the PPP Windowbook software. We were unable to open the “Daily Shipping” window, however, everything else on Windowbook seemed to be running fine. Our … Continue reading

Fantasy Football 2012 RB Rankings

Running Back Rankings – 2012 Fantasy Football AUTHOR:  Wally D. WEBSITE:  WallydFantasyFootball.com. Follow @WallyDFF TIER 1 Running Backs LeSean McCoy (PHIL)McCoy and Rice are 1a and 1b to me. However, LeSean seems to be the second coming of the Brian Westbrook glory days. McCoy is a no-brainer for a top … Continue reading

Honey Badger Morale Patches

HONEY BADGER – TAKE WHAT WE WANT What is a Honey Badger? Within the past few months it seems that I have heard several references to “Honey Badger“.  As a frequent viewer of the History Channel’s American Pickers, I had always wondered what Mike Wolfe was talking about when he … Continue reading

August 2012 Military Coupon Code – 20% Off

Hi All, Save 20% on Military Clothing, Tactical Gear and all orders placed on MilitaryUniformSupply.com.  Simply use this coupon code on checkout. AUGDSC This coupon code is valid from August 24th, 2012 – August 26th, 2012. SUBSCRIBE to my Blog to receive future Coupon Code Notifications!  I also highly recommend … Continue reading