Wally D.M. #2 – Pathfinder D&D Critical Hit Chart

Critical Hit Chart - Natural 20

Hi all, welcome to my second installment of Wally D.M. Today I am introducing my current day Critical Hit Chart that we are using in our Pathfinder campaign. The chart listed here is slightly modified from the one I used in my 1990s era AD&D games. I will provide a … Continue reading

Wally D.M. #1 – Pathfinder D&D Puzzles – Dungeon Room Puzzle Ideas

Pathfinder D&D Puzzles - Dungeon Master Ideas

Hello adventurers and game masters, welcome to Wally D.M. Today, I will be sharing three puzzles that I have run in my campaign and are fairly easy for players to figure out. I like to run my puzzles as a gateway to reach the next level to the dungeon but … Continue reading

2016 Pathfinder Campaign Game Journal – The Mask of Eternal Domination

Pathfinder Mask of Eternal Domination

Hi all! Wally D. here. The following is a journal and summary of events for the Pathfinder campaign I am running. While this is simply a log and recap of our D&D / Pathfinder game nights, you are more than welcome to read through and ask questions below. This article/post/blog … Continue reading

The Best Sweet Hot Mustard for Brats and Burgers

Hey all. Before I we my review and recommendation for the Best Sweet Hot Mustard, let’s begin with a quick history lesson on my taste buds. I have never, ever, liked Yellow Mustard. This may date way back to six year old me that asked for a mustard and cheese … Continue reading

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners – Men and Women

Finding the right frisbee golf disc for beginning players can be a bit overwhelming. With several brands and a myriad of options to choose from, what is the best frisbee golf disc to start with? Luckily, the internet is full of disc golfers that are willing to give advice and/or … Continue reading

U.S. Army OCP Name Tape Package with Rank and Flag Patch

Army OCP Name Tape Package

Hi all, Nick here from MilitaryClothing.com – Military Uniform Supply, Inc. Hope you are well! It seems that my first article on Scorpion OCP Patches was quite successful. It garnished a ton of traffic and comments by Army personnel looking for their OCP Unit Patch. Please note, that I am … Continue reading

10% OFF Military Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Military Costume Halloween Sale

MilitaryClothing.com is offering 10% OFF all Military Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults. On checkout, use Coupon Code SMHLW5 and receive 10% off your order. The coupon is a valid not just for Halloween Costumes but can be used for any order. Kids love to dress up as their military … Continue reading

Top Gun Costume – Adult Halloween Costumes

Top Gun Halloween Costume

Even if you did not grow up or live during the 1980s, chances are you are well aware of Maverick, Goose and Iceman. These iconic characters are from one of the most famous 80s movies of all time, Top Gun. This Halloween, become one of the “best of the best” … Continue reading