Scorpion OCP Patches – New Army ACU OCP Uniform

Hi all. Nick here from – Military Uniform Supply, Inc. I am guessing you are here to find out more information on Army Unit Patches for the Scorpion ACU OCP Uniform. I can give you the low-down on what we know so far. Most Patches will not change when … Continue reading

Men’s Hunting Socks – Men’s Fishing Socks

Men's Fishing Socks – Military Uniform Supply has imported a one of a kind, high quality line of men’s socks from the Baltic country of Lithuania. Now available in the United States, hunters and fishermen can enjoy their respective sports while enjoying a high level of comfort and cushion in the ol’ … Continue reading

Reddit Discount Military Gear – Subreddit for Bargains and Closeouts

Military Camo Reddit Alien

Are you a fan of SAVING Money? Like to find a great deal on clothing and items? Do you like to find unique items and order online? Great! Let me introduce you to my new subreddit, Discount Military Gear. – Military Uniform Supply is always buying closeouts and bargains … Continue reading

Tru-Spec Multicam Uniform – Multicam Tropic – Multicam Arid

Let’s talk Tru-Spec® Multicam™ folks! In particular, we are going to take a look at Tru-Spec’s Tactical Response Uniform®, their four different colors of Multicam™ camo patterns available and where you can buy Multicam™ products. On their website Tru-Spec identifies the Tactical Response Uniform® as an “Intelligent Evolution of the … Continue reading

The Tale of a Cluster Headache Sufferer

Remission. It was fun while it lasted, but they’re back. Slight pain behind the right eye, a shadow of what is to come. That’s how and where they start. Within minutes the intensity of the beast revs its engine and the agony exponentially intensifies. Radiating excruciating pain on the entire … Continue reading

Men’s Dumbbell Necklace – Weightlifting Necklaces & Jewelry

Shields of Strength Dumbbell Necklace

Military Uniform Supply now offers the entire line of Shields of Strength™‘s fitness collection. Let me introduce you to another one of their top selling items, the Men’s Dumbbell Necklace. This weightlifting necklace features a small pendant necklace with a dumbbell. The high quality Christian Jewelry has “Shields of Strength” … Continue reading

17% OFF St. Patrick’s Day Coupon Code – Military Surplus Clearance Deals

St. Patrick's Day Sale - Military Coupon Code has activated it’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY COUPON CODE! Now through Tuesday, March 17th, SAVE 17% on ALL ONLINE ORDERS! Simply use the Coupon Code SMPAT5 at checkout to enjoy the savings! But that’s not all! Scroll down to check out their Military Surplus and Clearance Deals. Save up to … Continue reading

New Mil-Spec Monkey Patches – EMS / EMT Patch

Old School Patch continues to add new Mil-Spec Monkey morale patches as soon as they become available. Morale patches are “fun” patches that military, tactical or civilians purchase and apply to their apparel or gear. These are unofficial patches but designed to increase the morale of the soldier or individual, hence the … Continue reading

Craft Beer Review #2 – Bent River Brewery

Bent River Brewing Company Logo

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my second craft beer review. Again, I must warn you that I am a bit of an amateur with regards to the terminology and descriptions needed to fully review a delicious brew, but hey, it’s a start. Today’s article is … Continue reading

Kids MultiCam™ Uniform – Kids Multicam™ Clothing

Kids Multicam Uniform Package Deal

The Kids Multicam™ Uniform by Trooper Clothing is a great gift idea for a Kids Military Halloween Costume, Birthday, Christmas or for everyday play and wear! Kids love dressing up as their military heroes. Kids military clothing is a great way to honor family and friends. Military Camo is also … Continue reading