2016 Pathfinder Campaign Game Journal – The Mask of Eternal Domination

Hi all! Wally D. here. The following is a journal and summary of events for the Pathfinder campaign I am running. While this is simply a log and recap of our D&D / Pathfinder game nights, you are more than welcome to read through and ask questions below. This article/post/blog entry will be updated after each gaming session. We are currently playing about once a month.

Included in this post:

  • The main storyline and recollection of events transpired thus far. The summary is separated by our Gaming Sessions
  • Items of Interest know or discovered with relevant information on who has them or where they may be
  • Relevant Places known, discovered, or visited by the party so far in the story
  • Main Characters involved or introduced along the way

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STORYLINE – Escape from Greenrock
Mask of Eternal DominationGreenrock was bustling with excitement and activity after the return of their four heroes, Baron Barry, Chris, Claire and Leon. The Greenrock party had just completed a long journey in which they found a mystical gem they had been searching for. The town ended the celebration with a play at the Sylvan Theater in Greenrock, in honor of their heroes. During the play the mask worn by Rogan the halfling actor, formed and molded to his pudgy little face. At about the time he began screaming in agony, the town was bombarded by fire rocks thrown by Fire Giants. Skeleton warriors also began flooding the town. RANDY the Ranger was given the Gem of Life and told by Leon the Wizard to get it safely out of town. Leon joins Barry, Claire and Chris to defend the town. Our beginning level adventurers escape through the city catacombs to keep the Gem of Life out of enemy hands. After navigating the city sewer they make it to the outside of the city walls. Within the catacombs, BARTY acquires the Book of Beltran. Seeing that there are still a large number of Fire Giants leading a caravan of townsfolk prisoners, the party rests for the night.

STORYLINE – Journey to Joel’s
Gem of LifeDuring the night of rest, the halfling Seth passed away. Randy was able to use the Gem of Life to bring him back to life and continue on. Our adventurers climbed the town wall to see the town of Greenrock decimated with pockets of fire and boulders. Frederic leads the team through the forest. Their first stop is to see the old lady of the woods, Lenonia. Along the way, they run into the half-orc bartender from Greenrock, Kelark. Kelark joins them on their journey for the time-being. There is also the issue that it now seems the halfling, Seth, is infatuated with the Gem of Life. A few times, Seth has tried to acquire the Gem, but apologizes profusely on his failed attempts. When they arrive at Lenonia’s cabin, they see that her small farm and hired hands are under attack by Skeletons. After coming to her aid, she heals the team of their ailments and sends them off with a waterskin of tea for the druid, Joel. The adventurer’s finally make it to the home of Joel and he tells them about the three Gems, the Mask of Eternal Domination, and the Vorkov Brothers. Joel also shows Randy that the map they seek was hidden in the handle of his dagger. Knowing that Seth’s lust for the gem is intensifying, Kelark offers to watch over the little guy and heads back to the shambles of Greenrock. Our adventurer’s rest and then begin their journey, following the map that was found in the stock of RANDY’s dagger.

The party has learned that in order to defeat Simon Varkov (Skeletor), they will require the Gem of Life, Theodore’s Holy Symbol and Alvin’s Bow. Barty continues to read the Book of Beltran, however, there seem to be some pages missing from the book. With the help of Joel, the party determines that the map either leads to the Gem of Immortality, the Varkov’s weapons, or, if they are still alive, maybe Theodore or Alvin?

STORYLINE – Parallel Universe – Ruins of Blethagos
The party continues their journey after two days of really good rest. The Forest of Gazul has become a desolate place. Vegetation is wilting and wildlife is far and few between. The journey to the map location was fairly uneventful. When they arrive at the locations marked on the map they encounter a group of Treants. The Treants help the adventurers travel through a portal to another plane of existence…

For intents and purposes, this world is similar to the character’s world, so for the purpose of our story we will call it Earth 2 – yes, like in the Flash comic book.

They arrive in the coastal town of Ameezius. The townsfolk are polite, unless you are a half breed like JAWALL. BARTY learns from the town barber about the dwarven fighter AGRIM who is a henchman of Alvin Varkov. Our adventurers then meet up at the Crispy Stirge Inn.

On a possible side quest, JAWALL speaks with “Earth Two’s” version of the half-orc Kelark, who is held to the bartending position by a ball and chain. Kelark and the mysterious half-elf woman, Rita, secretly give JAWALL a Cloak of Human Guise, and instruct him to meet back at the Crispy Stirge in 4 evenings.

Moving on with the main plot, the party enjoys a quick lunch at the Crispy Stirge and then AGRIM takes them to meet Alvin. AGRIM is under the impression that they are needing some work. ALVIN invites the guests to his garden behind his home for drinks. The party is shocked to see that Alvin looks to be in his young 20s… when they know he should be about 80 years old. They also begin to notice that the he seems to be a bit senile and seems to shift back and forth between reality and hallucinations.

ALVIN tells the party that the Gem of Immortality made his outside appearance young, but he feels the age of his body on the inside. He also tells them that his Bow and the Gem have been locked away for a long time in the RUINS OF BLETHAGOS. Alvin gives each adventurer a magical ring that will help them get out of the most dire situation by putting it on and turning it slightly. However, these rings only have one charge each.

AGRIM leads the adventurers to the base of the mountain outside of town. The adventurer’s wind their way up the mountain to find the sealed vault that opens into the RUINS OF BLETHAGOS. Our adventurers successfully navigate the dungeon and find an elevator passage that leads to a troglodyte lair.

STORYLINE – Session 4… Quest for Alvin’s Bow
The adventurers come face to face with an army of Troglodytes. After exterminating the troglodytes the party discovers an area that seems to be a prison camp and they are able to free about 16 half-orc and half-elf slaves. Next to the prison cells is a landing area nestled in the side of the mountain. Our adventurers find a whistle made of red scales in the outdoor landing area and a whistle of metallic silver scales that was put away in a trapped wooden box. The entire camp wreaks of troglodyte stench and death.

The party concludes that the half-elves/half-orcs were a food source for the troglodytes. After speaking with some of the prisoners, they also believe that the troglodytes used the red whistle to summon a Red Dragon… when it was dinner time. AGRIM leads the freed prisoners down the mountain and towards safety. FREDERIC, JAWALL, BARDY and RANDY blow the silver whistle and meet a Metallic Silver Dragon named Silgot. Silgot offers to take them across the chasm to the

Silgot chats with the party, telling them that he had not heard the whistle in about twenty or so years. He remembers ALVIN VARKOV using the whistle

When the party returns, they notice that a battle had taken place in Ameezius. AGRIM tells the party that ALVIN has aged, and is not well. They rush to the home of Alvin to find him an 80 year old man, who is taking his last breaths.

STORYLINE – Session 5… What next?
The dying ALVIN VARKOV reveals that the Gem of Immortality has been taken from him by an experienced and well dressed fighter. ALVIN also reveals that the bow RANDY has in his possession WAS Alvin’s Bow. It is a Frost Bow with the command word espanol. Alvin told Randy that he had given the bow to his son, which, in turn means that Alvin could be Randy’s grandfather.

While the old man dies off, an army of Troglodytes swarm the streets and the party is forced into combat. JAWALL, RANDY and FREDERIC dive into the library while BARTY is separated from the group and shoved off into a separate building. However, more than a dozen half-elf and half-orcs join the battle. The party recognizes several of them as the prisoners they had helped escape from

CAMPAIGN JOURNAL – Items of Interest

GEM OF LIFE: One of the three gems needed to activate the Mask of Eternal Domination. Currently in the hands of RANDY. Can bring a character back to life, a lust to posses the gem may be a side effect.

GEM OF DEATH: One of the three gems needed to activate the Mask of Eternal Domination. Currently in the hands of Skeletor

GEM OF IMMORTALITY: Whereabouts unknown. Rumored to be on another plane of existence. Being protected by Martha in the RUINS OF BLETHAGOS.

BOOK OF BELTRAN: A book written by the Bard Beltran. Detailing the story of the Varkov Brothers and the Mask of Eternal Domination.

MASK OF ETERNAL DOMINATION: Last seen molded to the Rogan, the Halfling’s, pudgy little face.


ALVIN’S BOW: Whereabouts unknown. Rumored to be on another plane of existence. Being protected by Martha in the RUINS OF BLETHAGOS.

CAMPAIGN JOURNAL – Places and Locations

AMEEZIUS: Coastal town on another plane, Earth Two. Current home of Alvin Varkov

EARTH TWO: A name stolen straight from the Flash comic series. This is the Planar world where ALVIN VARKOV has been hiding for many years

Characters and NPC notes

RANDY: Before leaving his hometown, Drew, the Druid, tells Randy he has been in contact with his long time friend, Joel the Druid. Joel lives in the Forest of Gazul, but his exact whereabouts are unknown. He has the information needed to help defeat the Skeleton Wizard. Drew instructs Randy to meet a messenger in the town of Greenrock, he will take him to find Joel.

BARTY: Barty leaves his home town of Freeport in search of adventure. He longs to be the teller of all tales, with a story so mesmerizing that it will be passed down from generation to generations. The actors guild of Freeport helps Barty land a starring role in a play in Greenrock. BARTY has a vision that he is looking at the Book of Bertran. A red book with copper engravings. In this book is the story of the Varkov Brothers. After about a week of stay at the Green Oak Inn, he meets a ranger with the beginnings of the story he was looking for.

FREDERIC: Frederic has studied under the direct tutorage of a powerful, but old, Druid named Joel. Their current residence is nestled in the depths of the Forest of Gazul. Joel and Frederic have noticed that the inhabitants of the Forest are disappearing and the balance of nature in the area seems off. Joel instructs Frederic to meet a ranger in the town of Greenrock and bring him back to meet with him. Accompanied by his animal companion, Oppa the Bear, Frederic sets out.

JAWALL: Gozreh, the god of Nature, Wind and Sea, has spoken to Jawall in a vision. The Forest of Gazul is in danger from unnatural forces. It is Gozreh’s will that Jawall find the Ranger in the town of Greenrock. This ranger has the map needed to find the means necessary to stop the ones responsible.

OPPA: Black Bear animal companion of Frederic.

AGRIM: Dwarf Fighter, is currently a henchman of the ranger… Alvin Vorkov. Alvin sends Agrim out to run errands, set up meetings or serve as his spokesman. Agrim knows Alvin to be a bit bi-polar and talks to himself sometimes.

BARRY: Barry is the Baron of Greenrock, but also a high level Human Fighter. He along with Chris, Claire and Leon form an adventuring party that are considered heroes of Greenrock. RANDY met with Barry and Leon briefly in the Baron’s fortress and discussed the Three Gems they are seeking. Leon shows RANDY the Gem of Life. Baron Barry and Leon thought that RANDY may have the map they have been seeking. Barry was last seen headed to combat against the Fire Giants attacking Greenrock.

CHRIS: Chris is the Rogue in Barry’s party. Not much else is known at this time. Chris was last seen headed to combat against the Fire Giants attacking Greenrock.

CLAIRE: Claire is the high level Cleric in Barry’s adventuring party. JAWALL felt that Claire looked very familiar to him, but could not figure out why. JAWALL and Claire had a moderately uncomfortable introduction at the Green Oak Inn that did not expose any further clarification. Claire was last seen headed to combat against the Fire Giants attacking Greenrock.

LEON: Leon is the high level Wizard in Barry’s adventuring party. RANDY met with Barry and Leon briefly in the Baron’s fortress and discussed the Three Gems they are seeking. Leon shows RANDY the Gem of Life. Baron Barry and Leon thought that RANDY may have the map they have been seeking. Not wanting the Gem of Life to fall into the wrong hands, Leon gave RANDY the pouch with the Gem and told him to get it out of Greenrock. Leon was last seen headed to combat against the Fire Giants attacking Greenrock.

KELARK: Kelark is the half orc bartender at the Green Oak Inn. He joined the adventurer’s shortly after the Fire Giants attack. He then promptly split from the group to get the Halfling Seth away from the Gem of Life. Kelark was last seen headed towards Greenrock.

KELARK (Earth Two): Half orc bartender at the Crispy Stirge Inn on Earth Two.

RITA: Mysterious half elf waitress on Earth Two at the Crispy Stirge Inn. Currently wearing a Cloak of Human Guise to appear human. Gives JAWALL an identical cloak and instructions on meeting back

SETH: Seth is a halfling actor in Greenrock. Twin of Rogan. Seth escaped with our adventurers, and was killed shortly after a fatal hit from a skeleton in the Greenrock catacombs. He was brought back to life with the Gem of Life, then died again from a Stirge. He was then brought back to life once again. Seth developed a lust for the Gem of Life and has made some “not so smart” decisions trying to obtain the gem. Seth was last seen heading out with Kelark towards Greenrock.

ROGAN: Rogan is a halfling actor in Greenrock. Twin of Seth. Rogan’s mask during the Greenrock town play molded to his face, causing him great agony. He was later separated from his brother and our adventurers. Rogan was last heard being attacked by a squad of skeleton warriors.

LENONIA: Old lady with a cabin, farm and a few henchmen hidden deep in the Forest of Gazul. Makes good tea. Has a stockpile of supplies and food. Friends with Joel the Druid. Saved by our adventurers from an attack.

ALVIN VARKOV: Oldest Brother of the Group. was a Ranger. Took upon the responsibility of the Gem of Immortality.

SIMON VARKOV: Middle Brother of the Group. was a Wizard. Took upon the responsibility of the Gem of Death

THEODORE VARKOV: Youngest Brother of the Group. was a Paladin. Took upon the responsibility of the Gem of Life

BELTRAN: The Bard who wrote and told the tale of the Three Varkov brothers.

The End?

And… you have reached the end of our campaign journal and log entries. Feel free to comment below if you should feel the need!

On to the Next!

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