Wally D.M. #5 – Pathfinder D&D Puzzles – Graveyard of Missing Tombstones

Hello adventurers and game masters, welcome to Wally D.M. Today, I will be sharing a puzzle that was derived from a logic puzzle that can be found online. The Graveyard of Missing Tombstones presents the players with a few visual facts and a handful of clues. With this information the players can use some logic and the the process of elimination to solve this brain teaser. A link to my YouTube channel can be found below where we go through the solution step by step.

As a reminder of my DM style, I like to run my puzzles as a gateway to reach the next level to the dungeon. This content could also be used as an optional task that leads to greater treasure. Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoy the ideas and details below! I look forward to your response in the comments below!

Graveyard of Missing Tombstones – D&D Logic Puzzle

Pathfinder D&D PuzzlesWhen I run this puzzle, the adventuring party will be on the search for a mystical item needed to continue their campaign or side quest. This item is buried in a grave with the previous owner. However, this grave is one of four that are evenly spaced and laid out in a row. The graves are unmarked. To make matters worse, the party is warned that if they dig up the wrong grave “a curse like nothing else imaginable” will come upon them.

When the party reaches the land plot and the four graves an they see the four graves laid out evenly spaced in a row. The third grave has a properly placed tombstone. The other three tombstones lie in a pile about 20 feet away.

The stone tombstones are etched with R.I.P. and each one decorated differently with shards of either Onyx, Sapphire, Ruby or Jade. A VISUAL FACT, the third grave has a tombstone properly placed. It is decorated with shards of Ruby.

An apparition appears. The apparition tells the party that this is the resting place of four brothers: Ray, Winston, Peter and Egon. The ghostly image tells the party that if they identify who is in each grave and put their corresponding tombstones into the correct position, then he will reveal which grave the item is buried in. The apparition reinforces the fact that an ungodly curse will be bestowed upon them should they desecrate the tombstones, the resting place OR dig up the wrong grave.

Clues to Solve this puzzle

The ghastly figure offers five clues for the party to help them.

  1. Winston is buried in the 4th Grave
  2. Peter’s grave is somewhere to the left of the JADE tombstone
  3. Ray’s tombstone is ONYX
  4. Egon is not buried at either end of this small graveyard. Egon does, however, rest to the right of the Sapphire tombstone.
  5. The first grave should not have the Onyx tombstone.

Pathfinder D&D Puzzle on YouTube

If you would like to watch this puzzle played out on my YouTube Channel, please visit the link below:

We will now discuss the solution.

  • The first tombstone cannot be Jade or Onyx. And the Ruby tombstone is already in place. Therefore, the first tombstone should be Sapphire
  • Knowing that RAY should have the Onyx Tombstone, we can now determine that he is buried in the 2nd grave. This is because the first grave is Sapphire, the third is Ruby and Winston is buried in the fourth.
  • Since RAY is buried in the 2nd grave, this tombstone will be ONYX. That leaves only the 4th tombstone unknown, which must be JADE since it is the only one remaining.
  • Egon is buried in the 3rd grave. This is because he cannot be in the first grave and the 2nd and 4th are already taken by Ray and Winston.
  • With all other tombstones and graves filled, the remaining answer is PETER in the 1st grave.

I hope you found this puzzle interesting and are able to use it in your next gaming session. Feel free to comment below and check out my YouTube channel for more Puzzles along with other Pathfinder and D&D content.

On to the next!

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