75% OFF Vintage Olive Drab M-65 Field Jacket

Nothing is more iconic in military cold weather gear than the M-65 Field Jacket. The M-65 Field Jacket has been issued to Army soldiers for almost 50 years and is still the most sought after and popular military coat to date. The M65 gets its name from the year it was introduced to the military, 1965.

Features of the M-1965 Field Coat include:

  • Hood that can Roll up into the Neck of the Coat
  • Velcro® / Hook & Loop Fasteners on Sleeves and Neck
  • Metal Zipper with Storm Flap
  • Inside Buttons for Quilted Liner (Usually Sold Separately)
  • 4 Pocket Front Design and Drawstring Waist
  • Shoulder Epaulets with Button

The M65 Field Jacket was widely used during the Vietnam War in the vintage Olive Drab color. Since this time, the iconic field jacket has been issued to thousands of soldiers in both Olive Drab Green and Woodland Camouflage. The M65 has also been made available (and sometimes issued) in Desert Camouflage (DCU & Desert Digital), Multicam™ ACU Univeral and City Camo as well as solid colors Black, Navy and Tan. The original military M65 Field jacket was made almost exclusively by Alpha Industries, a company that still manufactures this item today. Since then, there are quite a few other manufacturers that produce a version of this coat such as Tru-Spec and Rothco.

Today I would like to introduce you to a heck of a deal offered by MilitaryClothing.com. Military Uniform Supply – MilitaryClothing.com is selling off their remaining stock of vintage Tru-Spec M-65 Olive Drab Field Jackets at an amazingly low price! Although this blog post cannot guarantee the current day price, at this time, they are selling them, brand new, for $19.99. Brand new M-65 Field Jackets by Rothco, Alpha or Tru-Spec range from $70 to $150. That means you are saving over 75% on a military style cold weather field jacket.

PLEASE NOTE: That supply of these jackets are extremely limited and when they are gone, they are gone. Subject to Availability, Limited Sizes and Quantities, and etc. etc. I cannot guarantee that this price or product will be available at the time you are reading this.

Take a look at both the M-65 Field Jacket AND the M-52 Field Jacket that MilitaryClothing.com has on sale. The main difference between the two is that the M-52’s quilted liner is sewn-in as opposed the M-65 having a removable liner (not included). Also, the M-52 does NOT have a hood. Take a look for yourself and be sure to check back frequently for more sales, discounts and great deals on military clothing and gear!

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