St. Patrick’s Day 2016 Military Uniform Supply – Coupon Code

Hey folks, thank you for stopping by! Per tradition, of course, Military Uniform Supply has issued a 17% Coupon Code that is valid on any order placed on Coupon Code WBPAT6 is only valid NOW through Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 so hurry over to now and join in on the savings! Coupon Code STPAT6

While you’re there, be sure to use the SMPAT6 coupon code to your advantage by taking an additional amount off of some of the sale and closeout items. You can save an additional 17% on Woodland Digital BDU Pants that were already marked at 50% off! Genuine Military Issue Multicam™ Poncho Liners at $44.99 is an great deal. Taking off an additional 17% makes this an amazing deal on an item that has a limited supply!

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