CSS Tutorial – Highlight Navigation Links to Indicate Current Page

Today’s Web Design Agenda is to have our Page Navigation Links indicate our current page using only CSS and Classes. How to Highlight Current Page using CSS DIFFICULTY: EASY Today’s short block of instruction will be how to use CSS to highlight the Current page of your website’s navigation menu. … Continue reading

Displaying Facebook Page News Feed on a Website

The following tutorial will help us incorporate a Facebook Page News Feed directly onto our PHP-based website without the use of a Facebook Widget such as a “Like Box”. By using the PHP Code below, the web developer will be able to integrate and style the Facebook feed so that … Continue reading

Connecting a User PC to a Network Printer

SUBJECT: Connecting a User’s Computer to a Network PrinterDEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: Moderately Easy Today’s tutorial is connecting a User’s Computer to a Printer that is already on a Network (with IP Address). While creating this tutorial, our user PC was running Windows 7 Professional Operating System and was connecting to … Continue reading

Outlook Sending Reported Error (0x800CCC0F)

Sending Reported Error (0x800ccc0f) in Outlook 2010 Today, one of our employees reported the following error: Task ’email@SampleEmail.com – Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC0F) : ‘The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’ After contacting our Server Administrator, we … Continue reading

PPP Daily Shipping Window Not Showing

SOFTWARE: Postal Package Partner Standard Version DAILY SHIPPING WINDOW is not visibleFIX: Easy Today, one of our 3 shipping computers experienced a unique error in the PPP Windowbook software. We were unable to open the “Daily Shipping” window, however, everything else on Windowbook seemed to be running fine. Our … Continue reading

Cannot Find File – AOL Toolbar Error with Internet Explorer

SCENARIO: Receiving the following error when opening Internet Explorer 7 and IE8:Cannot Find file:///C:/Program%20Files/AOL%20Toolbar/welcome.htmlDATE:  April 15th, 2012FIX: EASY A couple of days ago I received a phone call from my father-in-law about an error that keeps popping up everytime he opened his Internet Explorer browser.  Upon investigation I was able … Continue reading

Quickbooks Help: Display or Hide Alert Box – Changing Rate of Inventory Item

SOFTWARE:  QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0TASK:  Receive Alert Box when changing the Rate of an Inventory Item in a Purchase Order A lot of my work inside Quickbooks purchase orders involved changing the rate of an item so that it was updated in Quickbooks.  I used to receive an alert box … Continue reading