Military Clothing Veteran’s Day Sale – 20% OFF All Orders

Today will be an extremely short blogpost mainly because we just do not have time to wait! November 11th, 2014 is Veteran’s Day and has a Coupon Code that is valid for one day only! Use Coupon Code: SMVET4 and save 20% Of course, I would like to … Continue reading

Tru-Spec Military Boonie Hats on SALE!

Tru Spec Boonie Hat - Woodland Camo has received another bulk shipment of Tru-Spec® Irregular Clothing or “seconds”. Irregulars are items that have a minor defect and does not meet the standards of the manufacturer. More often than not, these defects are so tiny that they are almost never noticeable. Defects are usually related to faulty … Continue reading