Rothco Jumbo Vintage Canvas Backpack – LOW PRICE! has recently added Rothco’s Jumbo Vintage Canvas Backpack to their website. MSRP on this backpack is $43.49, however (at the time of this blog post) has set this at MAP for $28.99. This canvas bag has a large main compartment, three outside pouches and two side pockets with … Continue reading

Ghillie Suits for Hunting – Red Rock Outdoors Big Game

Big Game Ghillie Suit – BACKWOODS The newest addition to Military Uniform Supply’s selection of Ghillie Suits is the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Authentic Big Game Ghillie Suit. Built with a hunters in mind, the Lightweight Big Game Ghillie Suit offers sportsmen an alternative to the traditional military designed Ghillie … Continue reading

NEW Patriotic and Military T-Shirts – Low Prices! has a vast selection of Military T-Shirts for soldiers, retired, veterans, military supporters, or family members. Military and Patriotic graphic t-shirts are a popular item purchased on to show military support or pride. They also make great gifts for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or any occasion! … Continue reading

Navy and Army Qualification Badges for Air Force ABU Uniform

The USAF updates to AFI 36-2903 have quite a few changes for the U.S. Air Force Uniform in 2014. One of the main changes is the approval of former Army and Navy personnel to wear select qualification badges they earned in their prior branch of service. The update has allowed … Continue reading

New Military Items plus 15% Coupon Code

This week’s newsletter from Military Uniform Supply features new World War II, Civil War and Revolutionary War Reproduction and Reenactment Supplies. Other new items on include Men’s Under Armour T-shirts, the new Multicam ™ Black by Tru-Spec, and Mil-Spec Monkey Blood Type Patches. Oh, and did I mention that … Continue reading

NASA Apollo Program Patches‘s selction of reproduction NASA Patches are great collector’s items, gift ideas, or accessories to an Astronaut Halloween Costume. Today we take a look at a handful of NASA Apollo Program Patches and brief mission summaries. The NASA Apollo Program centered around missions to orbit and land on the moon. … Continue reading

Mil-Spec Monkey Secret Squirrel Patch has a vast selection of Mil-Spec Monkey Patches. Today’s featured morale patch is the Secret Squirrel. The secret squirrel can imply one who acts sly or does sneaky things. Secret Squirrels can also refer to someone that is working on covert operations or has secret, confidential knowledge. Alternatively, the … Continue reading

Military Biker Motorcycle Back Patches has a vast selection of Biker Patches for motorcycle jackets & vests. This selection includes Patriotic Artwork in the form of 5 inch and 12 inch back patches, Military Rockers, Flag Patches, and Morale Patches. Many of our military veterans and active duty are avid bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. … Continue reading

Military Uniform Supply Winter Clearance

Winter Clearance on Military Clothing & Gear WINTER CLEARANCE! MULTICAMFIELD JACKET POLYPRO CREWSHIRT – SAND MICKEY MOUSEBOOTS WAS: $129.99NOW: $59.99 WAS: $25.99NOW: $9.99 WAS: $89.99NOW: $57.50 ** Subject to Availability ** MENS & WOMEN’S ABU UNIFORMS PANTS & JACKETS – $19.99 EACH! SAVE on PROPPER™ ABU PANTS & JACKETS! $19.99 … Continue reading

NEW Propper Tactical Gear

As one of the largest official suppliers of apparel to the United States armed forces, PROPPER INTERNATIONAL™ has proudly manufactured more than 120 million garments for the U.S. Department of Defense – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Special Forces. PROPPER™ also manufactures high-quality apparel for commercial military, … Continue reading