Top Gun Costume – Adult Halloween Costumes

Even if you did not grow up or live during the 1980s, chances are you are well aware of Maverick, Goose and Iceman. These iconic characters are from one of the most famous 80s movies of all time, Top Gun. This Halloween, become one of the “best of the best” from the Top Gun Naval School by getting a Top Gun Costume.

The Military Uniform Supply Top Gun Costume includes a Rothco® brand Polyester/Cotton flightsuit and an adjustable Top Gun Cap. One of the featured items of this costume package deal is the Velcro® / Hook Fastener Flight Badge with the selected character’s name on it. This flight badge is a replica from the Top Gun Movie and is high quality, Made in the U.S.A. Also included in the package is an Authentic American Flag Patch and Top Gun Patch. Finishing off the ensemble is a Top Gun Pin and a pair of aviator sunglasses similar to those worn by Tom Cruise and other cast members in the movie.

Authentic and Affordable, Military Uniform Supply offers you the chance to dress up as one of the main characters from the Top Gun movie. With this Top Gun Costume, choose between Pete Mitchell (MAVERICK), Tom Kasanski (GOOSE), or Nick Bradshaw (ICEMAN). The Top Gun Costume is perfect for Halloween, Costume, or Theme parties! You can purchase the Top Gun Halloween Costume on Amazon or

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