Troubleshooting: Website not showing with WWW Prefix

Hey there! Today I will be sharing a simple solution that worked for this website, Up until August 2014 was connected to a Blogger account. On a whim I decided to move my blog and domain to a WordPress application installed on my Classic hosting package.

After a few days of headaches and a call to GoDaddy customer support, my domain was successfully reconfigured from Google’s Blogger to my Linux hosting account. Well almost. My website worked just fine without www in front of the URL. However, if I tried to access my site by using, I received a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error.

The problem I discovered was that the www host record was missing from the domain’s CName (Alias). After restoring my CName to the default configuration, the www record reappeared and all was finally good-to-go with

Here is the step by step path I took to solve this within my GoDaddy account… I hope this helps you as well!

  • Login to
  • Find DOMAINS under the My Account > Products section and click LAUNCH
  • Click on the Domain Name
  • Click on the DNS Zone File Tab
  • Scroll down to the CName (Alias) section

Is there a www HOST record that Points to @? If not, then click the Restore Defaults link and see if this puts the www Record back in there for you.

Restore the Cname Alias www Record

All for now!

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