Wally D. Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings 2011

Here are my Fantasy Football Draft rankings for NFL Quarterbacks in the 2011 season.  I took most scoring systems into consideration when developing the list and broke this year’s QBs into 5 TIERS.

Wally D.’s 2011 QB Strategy:  Do not draft your QB early.  You should be able to draft a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Quarterback from my rankings in a 10 or 12 person draft.  I recommend waiting to be the last person to draft a QB and then draft TWO (2) quarterbacks in back-to-back rounds.  Be sure to visit my Fantasy Football Website Wally D. Fantasy Football, Good luck!

TIER 1 – Fantasy Greatness

1. Aaron Rodgers – G.B.
Undisputed.  This guys gonna throw a ton.

2. Michael Vick – PHIL
Leading the Dream Team – I remember a long time ago when a #23 Michael led the Dream Team…

3. Drew Brees – N.O.
The Mardi Gras quarterback will be a top 5 in 2011.

4. Phillip Rivers – S.D.
In for another regular season thanks to Vincent Jackson

5. Matt Ryan – ATLA
Star pick!  With his upside, I’m thinking Matt can finish in the top 3 this year.

6. Tom Brady – N.E.
On his way down – But still a Top Tier Quarterback

7. Peyton Manning – INDI
Another one on the way down…. But still in the top tier.

TIER 2 – All is Good

8. Matt Schaub – HOUS
With Andre Johnson to throw to, there’s no reason that Schaub couldn’t finish 2011 as an elite fantasy Quarterback.

9. Jay Cutler – CHIC
Could throw a ton of Touchdowns, if his offensive line needs to keep him upright.

10. Mark Sanchez – NYJT
Surrounded by weapons – Serious questions about his abilities if he doesn’t push it to the next level this year.

11. Tony Romo – DALL
Safe Pick.  You know what you’re getting with Romo.

12. Kevin Kolb – ARIZ
A week schedule for Arizona puts this guy into the 2nd tier.  Help me Larry Fitzgerald, you’re my only hope.

TIER 3 – Better Pick Someone Quick!

13. Ben Roethlisberger – PITT
Only Mike Wallace will help keep Big Ben consistant.

14. Matt Cassell – K.C.
Tough, tough schedule for Cassell this year.

15. Matt Stafford – DETR
He’s throwing to Calvin Johnson so he has a lot of upside – BUT, can he stay healthy – AND this is Detroit we’re talking about.

16. Sam Bradford – ST.L
SLEEPER!  Take him as your #2 QB and enjoy!

17. Joe Flacco – BALT
You’ll hear it here first – Flacco takes a step back this year.

18. Eli Manning – NYGT
Not much upside on Eli.  You get what you get.

19. Kyle Orton – DENV
If he stays in Denver this year, I may move Kyle up a few.  He gets no R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

TIER 4 – The Leftovers

20. Josh Freeman – T.B.
Listed this high only because of his upside.  Could finish higher or way lower.

21. Jason Campbell – OAKL

It’s all about the running game in Raider Nation
22.  Tavarius Jackson – SEAT
Has a good supporting cast – Williams – Rice – G. Tate plus a running game with Marshawn Lynch.  And a week division.  – Super Sleeper?  Really?  We’ll see!

23. Donovan McNabb – MINN
Epic Fail.  No Rice.

24. Matt Hasselbeck – TENN
Will struggle in Tennessee.

25. David Gerrard – JACK
So… when are the Jaguars moving to Los Angeles?

26.  Alex Smith – S.F.
Has the weapons but not the skills.

27. Rex Grossman – WASH
“Rex is our Quarterback”

TIER 5 – Crud

28. Chad Henne – MIAM
Brandon Marshall would rather have Kyle Orton

29. Colt McCoy – CLEV
Maybe some upside in a couple of years.

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick – BUFF
At least I didn’t rank him last.

31. Jimmy Claussen – CARO

Sad Face.

32. Andy Dalton – CINC
Oh my.  Ouch.

Sam Bradford – ST.L

Donovan McNabb – MINN

WILDCARD  (High Risk, High Reward)
Kevin Kolb – ARIZ

Tavarius Jackson – SEAT

Coming soon…  2011 Running back rankings.

Wally D.

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