Where to Buy Jerven Bag in the United States?

Hello folks! IF you came here for the short answer, Where to buy Jerven Bag and you live in the United States, you’re in luck. You can click on over to Jerven on MilitaryClothing.com and shop now. MilitaryClothing.com is an authorized distributor of Jerven gear and ships from their warehouse located in Illinois. If you want to stick around for a little longer, I will do my best to introduce you to Jerven and a few different Jervenbag items you may be interested in. Oh, and I’ll also include a couple of pictures of myself in the Mountain Camouflage Jerven Hunter!

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What is a Jerven Bag

Jervenbag in the United StatesFor over 30 years, Jerven has been the supplier of its specially created Fjellduken protective tarp product (The Jerven Bag) to the Norwegian Armed Forces. In 2004, Jerven delivered approximately 7,000 of the Fjellduken product to various Norwegian military divisions. Both the French, and Danish special forces regularly use the Fjellduken, while the Swiss and British special forces are just starting to as well.

Jerven currently produces six different Fjellduken models. The most basic product, Fjellduken Original, has no lining and weighs just 650 grams. The warmest Fjellduken, Fjellduken Extreme, is identical to the Hunter product, only with thicker lining. The most advanced product is Fjellduken Exclusive. It is a lined tarp without lining, but with zippers allowing you to connect PrimaLoft padding. This comes in 60gr and 170gr versions. All the thermoversions (With PrimaLoft) also work well as sleeping bag reinforcements. A number of Norwegian soldiers sleeping in -40 degrees Celsius weather have used Fjellduken products on the outside of their military sleeping bags.

Types of Jerven Bag

Here is a quick rundown of the different types of Jerven brand Jervenbags. Most bags come with a packing bag, armings, and a rescue flag in addition to a 10 year Guarantee. Different camouflage patterns include Forest, Mountain, Rescue Orange and more!

Jerven Original: The single, light Jervenbag without lining is an auto-include for every trip. Large enough to sit in and excellent as a poncho for yourself or as a raincape for your gear. Great for small game hunting, fishing, trips in the woods and mountains in milder seasons. The Original can produce some condensation. Ideal for those shorter than 6 foot tall.

Thermo Jerven: Same as the original, but lined and packed with PrimaLoft Warmer and more snug. No condensation. Great for all year use. Ideal for those shorter than 6 foot tall.

Jerven Hunter: The most popular Jerven Bag for the military and can be used as a poncho, bag, or sleeping bag. Ideal for most individuals including taller folks.

Jervenbag Hunter Mountain Camo

Jerven Extreme: Same as the Hunter but has extra thick padding. Extra warm for frigid, cold weather environments. PrimaLoft 170 g/m.

Jerven Mini-Hunter: Identical to the Hunter, but for individuals that are 5’7 or shorter.

Jerven King Size: Room for two persons or handy as a tent or shelter. Has been selected as a first choice for many expeditions, including a trip to the South Pole.

Jerven Exclusive: Made with silicone coated zippers and able to tie into the PrimaLoft Sport insulation (usually sold separately).

Jerven for Dogs: The Thermal Jervenbag for dogs. Yep, Jerven even has a version of their Jervenbag to keep your loyal canine cozy in low temps.

Where to Buy Jerven Bag?

Jervenbag is now available in the United States. Be sure to visit MilitaryClothing.com for more information and to purchase Jerven products. MilitaryClothing.com is an official, authorized distributor of Jerven bag.

This Norwegian Army product is a worthwhile investment for Hunters and Outdoorsmen in the United States that needs high quality, reliable cold weather gear. The Fjellduken allows for easy movement and being able to stretch your legs with ease. The Jerven Bag is also used worldwide by rescue helicopters, civil defense, Red Cross, Military and rescue teams.

Thank you again for hanging with me til the end. While my knowledge on the Jerven line is rudamentery at this time, I’d be happy to field any questions that you may have. Simply post them in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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