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You Tube LogoSo, here’s something interesting that falls into the “I didn’t know this was out there” reaction category. Websites that allow you to convert the audio portion of a YouTube video to an mp3 audio clip. I stumbled upon this while I was researching an instrumental Irish melody for an upcoming wedding I was DJing. In the notes section of the video was a “convert this to mp3” link pointing to this website: I clicked through to the website, followed the directions and amazingly enough I was presented with a 128 Kbps that I could use for the wedding ceremony. It only took a couple of minutes!

By doing a Google-Search for “YouTube to mp3 converter” you will be able to see a myriad of other sites that offer the same thing such as Convert Me mp3 and Listen to YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing any of these websites or the legality of the service they offer. I just found this to be helpful and I did not know converting YouTube video to an audio file was possible. Therefore I have created this small blog to inform the good folks at home that may need audio clips for similar situations.

I could also see these conversion sites being useful in creating mp3 versions of video podcasts. Simply convert to audio, put it on your mp3 device and listen to a podcast on your next road trip out of town.

All for now!

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